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Orca Pro Plus IPTV Subscription -12 Months Subacription

(11 customer reviews)


-Delivery: Fast Delivery (5 minute – 1h)
-Content: +20,000 TV Channels & VOD
-Supported countries: US, UK, Europe, Arab, Africa
-Compatibility: Compatible with all devices
Android, M3U, Xtream, MAG, Windows, SMART STB,  FIRE TV STICK, SMART TV ..
-Support: Technical Assistance & support
-Qualities: SD, HD, Full HD, Ultra HD & 4K
-Adult Channels: Not Included

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Orca Pro Plus  iptv 12 Months Subscription

Orca Pro Plus  iptv is compatible with all devices, such as: ANDROID, IOS, Enigma2, Mu3, Samsung, LG, Sony & Mag. Besides, our IPTV subscription you can get access to a large number of channels, movies & series through your internet connection. Furthermore, no satellites or dishes are required to watch your favorites TV shows, football matches or series. In other terms, all you need is an internet connection, Orca Pro Plus  iptv subscription and you are ready to go. Additionally, the best part is that you can use your IPTV subscription from anywhere in the world as long as you have Good internet connection.

Orca Pro Plus  iptv Content: 

Talking about the content, Orca Pro Plus  iptv offers all French. For example: we have  USA, UK, Belgian, Swiss, Italian, German, Arabic...,TV channels, movies and series. we are, also, updating our servers' content and improving it's quality. As result, you wouldn't need any other streaming subscription. Hence, Orca Pro Plus  iptv is becoming all in one streaming subscription.

Orca Pro Plus  iptv IPTV Quality:

Orca Pro Plus  iptv Subscription is a reliable IPTV server that allows you to watch Tv channels, movies and series in different qualities, such as SD, HD, FHD and 4K. Furthermore, the Orca Pro Plus  iptv  team is updating the server daily to improve the quality of image and to keep it stable.

Reliable Servers:

When it comes to server reliability, We have equipped our IPTV  Subscription servers with the latest IPTV streaming technology and we have our servers based in different countries around the world to ensure high quality and stability.

Tv channels included:

For instance, the subscription contains Germany, Turkey, England, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, USA, Canada, Arabic, Albanian, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Indian, and more…

Orca Pro Plus  iptv Subscription Requirements:

To benefit from your IPTV subscription, you need internet connection of at least 4 Mbps. Higher internet speed is better to get the best performance and quality.

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Free Orca Pro Plus  iptv Trial:

You can get your free Orca Pro Plus  24 hours trial, and check the subscription yourself to ensure the quality and the stability.


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11 reviews for Orca Pro Plus IPTV Subscription -12 Months Subacription

  1. IptvEden Customer

    Lots of channels. My favourite is being able to watch all the seasons of Yellowstone for free.

  2. Florin

    I send an SMS with a question 4 days ago, no answer.The picture quality is nice, sometimes the image it’s frozen and the sound keeps going in the backgrounds.It might be my firestick, maybe with a android box will work better.After another two weeks I received an answer to my question, and they advised me to contact Amazon because the problem that I have is because of my firestick.What a joke… With my previous iptv provider I did not have any problem.I just hope that they will improve the costumer service and the app.

  3. arigatoharigatoh

    Best iptv provider, i did experience some iptv before but this one is top. first communication is fast, do not freeze and too much working contents. Thank you I will buy another one

  4. Doug M.

    We are coming up for renewal next month. We have had very few issues and has been a very good service. Only issue we have had is the TV guide won’t load anymore in the last three months. Thanks for your time.

  5. Demon

    Make sure you choose OnaExpress for the seller. They are the fastest at responding and have the best customer service. They’re friendly and have the best service available. Very stable. Anyone who says differently, it’s their internet/modem for sure! I always recommend using Ethernet plugged directly to your modem/router. I like to use Mag boxes personally over android boxes. It’s a much better iptv experience. The VOD library is insane. The TV Series library is absolutely massive. Lots of ADULT Channels! PPV. SPORTS. literally thousands of channels!!!


    The media could not be loaded. What a gem of a seller Within minutes of purchase he sent me a text asking what unit to configure followed up with instructions that a new born or my mother-in-law could follow Perfect picture zero buffering ! Thousand of channels, i really Will purchase another few thanks guys

  7. hassan

    Hello everyone, I am happy with this iptv . And I have all the channel , more then I need . Sport and movie is my favourite . With this iptv service I enjoy every sport and movies . You have lot more like news , art , life , wild life, entertainment , tv , movie, sport from different countries and much more .Picture quality and sound perfect.Easy to install and the best customer service , help me to install and how to use the app.Good price and good service and the best iptv .

  8. G

    Easy to install and use. Good quality pictures and good customer service.I’m 56 years old and I am not a computer geek but they helped me with the installation process and the system is very easy to use. I highly recommend this program. I purchased two units and I am running both. One for my living room and one for my basement. Both are awesome

  9. Afzal Bhuiyan

    Took some time to set up Duplexplay app in my Samsung Smart tv. The rest was pretty straight forward. I have received the URL to add to Duplexplay, added it and that’s it!

  10. wahida

    J’ai l’abonnement depuis une semaine seulement très bon rapport qualité prix, il y des frais de livraison exigé par Amazon selon le vendeur, vous allez payer 49$ après taxes en réalitéLes chaînes canadiennes et québécoises ont une belle qualité d’image mais quelques unes d’autres pays n’ont pas une bonne imageIl y a des films et des séries aussi Un peu comme Netflix :)Enfin ça vaut le coup vraiment ! facile à installer avec fire stick, les instruments sont clairs et simples du vendeur

  11. Simranpal Singh

    So it’s been about three months I bought the subscription. Works like a charm! Almost all the channels in the world! Never had to call the. Customer support so far. It’s definitely bang for your buck!

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